Artist Biography

Artist Biography

Artist Biography (Stonestreet) Broyer

Broyer’s art career began in a formalized elementary education art program in Evansville, IN. In addition, throughout her early learning and primary education, Marie was offered participation in specialty art programs within the public-school systems and the local community. Nearing the end of high school, she chose to finish her curriculum at the inaugural charter “Signature School.”

Door Opening Opportunities

Furthermore, with the availability of this new artistic program, she focused her studies on contemporary art and editorial content. Most of all, Broyer won numerous awards for editorial illustration and content. In addition, was granted the opportunity as a high school student to participate in the juried Oakland City College (now Oakland City University) Art Exhibit. Thus, she participated in her first exhibit and at the age of seventeen and awarded a college level honorable mention.

During this time, The University of Southern Indiana (USI) School of Liberal Arts Board of Directors selected (Stonestreet) Broyer as a recipient for a full liberal arts scholarship. While at USI, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts majoring in Advertising and Public Relations and focused on fine arts and marketing. Then, she studied under the artist in residence, Ms. Judy Chicago, in New Harmony, IN and traveled the country. Primarily, she studied the artists of the modern and impressionistic movement.


Most of all, (Stonestreet) Broyer found herself inspired by the Impressionist and Fauvist movements. “In essence the movement is a realist perspective through the eyes of the artist, not a photograph.” Furthermore, she seized those concepts and built her own style through creating layers of texture, line and color.

Real World Potential

Now, she applies her formal training through working in commercial art, digital marketing communications and as an educator teaching adult and youth art classes in her country-side studio. In addition, she continues to learn and expand her knowledge base to further enhance the artist community.


In conclusion, Marie currently resides in Central Indiana working in the fine art and the marketing communications industry. For over two decades, she continues to grow as a professional fine artist and individual. Broyer’s representation spans regional museums, private shows, public exhibitions and juried fairs. Contributing the donation of time and art to public service initiatives, she adds her flair of unique business initiatives and an artistic perspective to the local community.

“This woman’s work is exceptional. Too bad she’s not a man.” ~ Edouard Manet, commenting on the work of Berthe Morisot