Art Exhibits

Art Exhibits

Here you will find a listing of gallery, art exhibits and shows that I participate in. It takes a lot of time, patience and effort to start the exhibition path. You have to work with politics, develop a thick skin and be able to take constructive criticism. Remember that art is a subjective form of expression. You may think your creations are the next big thing, only to find out that someone’s personal opinion is the deciding factor. This is why making connections in your local art community are so important. Just like any other career or job path – it can come down to who you know.

I started very small in coffee shops and cafés. Once you start building your presence and get your name out there, doors will open and close along the way. The most important thing as an artist is to never get discouraged. Sometimes you get your portfolio turned down for a gallery that you always wanted to exhibit in. The reality is, maybe it wasn’t meant to be and there is another opportunity just around the corner that is right up your creative ally. Once an artist find their niche, gets their name out and is quite persistent, doors will open in places that maybe were not even thought of as an avenue. Being a professional artist is like riding a roller coaster. There are many highs and lows to the business. Remember sometimes you have to start by sharing a booth space on the grass without a display.

It is very humbling experience starting out as a gallery and show artist without the funding for a real display, framing expenses and a reputation in the art community. I am very grateful for all of the learning experiences and fellow artists that have offered to help me on my journey.

· Blue Egg Gallery – Carmel, IN (2010)
· Tree2Treasures – Natural Indiana Artist Gallery – Greenwood, IN (2004-2006)
· Gallery 116 – Fishers, IN (2003)

· The Irvington Tea Room – Irvington, IN* (2011)
· The Artist Vineyard – Noblesville, IN* (2009)
· Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens – Schaefer Rotunda- Indianapolis, IN* (2008)
· Watercolor Society of Indiana Member Exhibit One America – Indianapolis, IN (2007)
· Mindful Movement Studio – Indianapolis, IN* (2007)
· LuLu’s Electric Cafe’ – Indianapolis, IN* (2007)
· Midday Cafe’ – Indianapolis, IN* (2006)
· Artist Runway Project – Indianapolis, IN (2006)
· 82nd Hoosier Salon Exhibition (Indiana State Museum) – Indianapolis, IN (2006)
· Trees2Treasures Inc. –  Natural Indiana Artist Gallery – Greenwood, IN* (2005)
· Aaron’s Art and Frame – Indianapolis, IN (2004)
· Oakland City College Fine Artist Exhibit – Oakland City, IN (1996)

· Indianapolis Zoo – Naturally Inspired Paint Out – Indianapolis, IN (2013-2014)
· Indianapolis Zoo – Naturally Inspired Paint Out – Indianapolis, IN (2006-2008)
· Zionsville Fine Art Fair – Zionsville, IN (2007)
· Pennsy Trail Art Fair – Greenfield, IN (2007)
· Evening of Art and Wine – Terre Haute, IN (2007)
· 10th Annual Carmel International Arts Festival – Carmel, IN (2007)
· 9th Annual Carmel International Arts Festival – Carmel, IN (2006)
· Irvington Artist Guild – Art in the Park – Irvington, IN (2002-2006)
· Freedom Festival & Fine Arts Fair – Fishers, IN (2004)


“Every artist was first an amateur.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson