Earth Apache

Posted by on Apr 1, 2013

Earth Apache
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MEDIA: Watercolor on 74# White Yupo®
SIZE: 11W” X 14H”
DATE: Copyright © 2013 Marie R. Stonestreet
All Rights Reserved.

This work was very difficult emotionally for me to paint. It is based on our first dog Spike. He was only with us for 8 years and passed from this world from Lymphoma Sarcoma Cancer. Spike’s mannerisms reminded me of a wise Apache Indian tribal leader. He always seemed to keep everyone in order and always notified me if something unusual was happening with my family. He had a sixth sense that could not be reckoned with.

He is the only one that I painted, thus far, that incorporates a Sunflower. When I started the work, I knew I had to add in something that crowned him with faith, beauty, friendship and love. The sunflower behind his head also represents the glow and personality he had in this life. He will be forever missed in our family.

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