Looking Onward

Posted by on Mar 11, 2013

Looking Onward
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MEDIA: Watercolor on 74# White Yupo®
SIZE: 11W” X 14H”
DATE: Copyright © 2013 Marie R. Stonestreet
All Rights Reserved.

Sampson Orion “Sammy” is the oldest of my three Miniature Pinchers. I started this series with his portrait because he is around 77 years old in dog years and the oldest of my three. I wanted to make sure my Sammy knew he would always be remembered. The title “Looking Onward” came about because I wanted to showcase his poise and maturity during his life. I am blessed every day he is still with us. Even though he cannot see the portrait of his younger years, he is always at my feet under my art table in my studio.

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