Psychedelic Dog

Posted by on Apr 1, 2013

Psychedelic Dog
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MEDIA: Watercolor on 74# White Yupo®
SIZE: 11W” X 14H”
DATE: Copyright © 2013 Marie R. Stonestreet
All Rights Reserved.

The title “Psychedelic Dog” is quiet fitting for this painting. My middle dog cannot sit still to save his life. We originally named him “Harrison” after the Colts Football player Marvin Harrison because he is a blue Miniature Pincher. Not long after, his name changed to “Twitchy,” primarily due to the fact he has the art of perpetual motion. He seems to freak out when you try to take a picture of him with any sort of camera.

One evening, Twitchy was finally resting and my husband got a somewhat blurry shot of him on our couch. I was grateful and took what seemed to be the only good shot that was not of his rear running away! He is about as loving as they come, but he can literally throw you into a whirl in a matter of seconds. Hence, I titled the work “Psychedelic Dog!”

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