The Educator

The Educator

Professional Educator – Elementary Education (K-6)

My name is Marie R. Broyer (Stonestreet), and I am a certified Indiana professional educator. My endless desire for knowledge, love of children, and passion for contributing to the community provide a clear path toward the teaching profession. My background experience as a digital communications professional, mother, and professional artist, enhance my capability to present rich real-world learning experiences supporting my educational journey. Thus, I am blessed to have family support, grit, and perseverance to obtain an additional degree as an elementary teacher.

My experience in technology, art instruction, and global communications offers a diverse learner understanding. Working with effective educators, researchers, and children, my knowledge of pedagogy, content, and child psychology allows me to work with learners of all ages, temperaments, and cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, my nurturing disposition awards the flexibility to educate special needs students and provide high ability learners with unlimited enrichment opportunities.


Originally from Evansville, IN, I received educational notoriety and speaking engagements supporting public and charter school funding initiatives. Through my community endeavors, I received a full liberal arts scholarship to attend the University of Southern Indiana (USI). While at USI, I took various leadership roles, such as mentoring, the USI Advertising president, and the student president of the Advertising Club of Evansville (ACE). After my undergraduate degree, I moved to Indianapolis, IN, and continued to fulfill my marketing communications and art career.

During my time in Indianapolis, I developed my leadership and public speaking skills through onsite training, secondary and higher education mentorship programs, and sitting as a board member on several art and technology councils. However, it was my children who led me to advocate for equitable public education and children’s rights. Thus, ensuring my and all children had educational rights, triggered my path to teaching.

Once our family moved to Trafalgar, IN, I reflected on my career and chose to work as a substitute. As a member of local community foundations, my passion for education and continuous learning fostered my excitement to return to graduate school and receive my Indiana teaching license. Teaching is an art, requires love, grit, relationships, and empathy. Furthermore, I see the beauty of teaching our children to become contributing citizens.

Interests and Activities

Outside of teaching, I volunteer in our local community, teach studio art, and spend time with my family. Also, I love to read, coach sports, and take jeep adventure trips. Furthermore, I am a professional watercolor artist, so I spend a lot of time in my studio, creating.


Overall, my main goals remain to create new and ongoing relationships, inspire life-long learning, and continue volunteering in the local community. My short-term goal is to receive a classroom of students to inspire and teach. Along with an inclusive classroom, I look forward to collaborating with my co-teachers and continuously develop professionally. My long-term goals do not have limits. Currently, I am considering additional endorsements, certifications, and graduate courses. However, I hope I can impact my students in a profound way that they remember me.

Overall, I am grateful for my holistic, art, and globally diverse background. While I continue my teaching journey, I am always learning new best practices and strategies, in turn, forever leading my growth in the education community.

“Teaching is an instinctual art, mindful of potential, craving of realizations, a pausing, seamless process.” ~ A. Bartlett Giamatti