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Classroom Evironmental Management – Broyer

Classroom Management Plan – Environmental


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The overall description of the physical environment depends on room dimensions, pre-determined window location for natural lighting, and student classroom population size. Despite factors out of my control, I outline my ideal physical environment utilizing the six facets + one (ceiling). Thus, my goals support learner attention, inquiry-based learning, and cultural inclusion and awareness. Therefore, the essential environmental aspects strengthen my classroom management philosophy.


Taking into consideration my personal experience, core beliefs, and classroom management philosophy, I incorporate a variety of components I can utilize per varying grade levels and maintain a flexible document by addressing a variety of diverse student needs, procedures, and environments. I feel a flexible classroom management document is essential to achieve balance, respect, relationships, consistency, communication, and a safe, positive learning environment.

As I refer to this document to address student learning diversity, inquiry-based strategies, and various aspects of this plan, I will utilize critical components to ensure I offer my students the foundations of my classroom management philosophy. Thus, this document incorporates my philosophy by building strong relationships to promote mutual respect, create an open environment to encourage social-cognitive development and intrinsic learning motivation, and reduce possible disruptive behaviors.

“I learned to listen and listen very well.” ~ Jackie Joyner-Kersee