Robinson Crusoe – STEAM

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

Science – STEAM:

“Robinson Crusoe – The Engineer” – Cooperative Activity
Lesson Title: Robinson Crusoe – The Engineer
Indiana Academic Standards: 9-10.RL.2.1, 9-10.RV.3.2, 9-10.SL.2.3 | 6-8.LST.2.3, 6-8.LST.4.1, SEPS.2 | 7.GM.3
Instructional Strategies: Modeling, Hands-on, Cooperative Groups, PBL, Graphic Organizers, and Formative Google Form Assessment
Learning Objectives:
1. SWAT Cite textual evidence and use the engineering design process to collaborate and create a solution to Robinson Crusoe’s problem.
2. SWAT Apply the engineering design process utilizing fiction connected text evidence.
3. SWAT Integrate quantitative or technical information expressed in words in a text to express visually.
4. SWAT Create a diagram integrating technical information and show a visual representation.
5. SWAT Draw scale drawings of geometric figures and compute actual lengths and areas.

Sixth-grade students worked in cooperative groups, partners, or individually to cite text evidence, analyze text for the engineering design process, draw, and compute the area of Robinson Crusoe’s goat pen. Additionally, students used text evidence to calculate the area of the goat pen using proper unit rates.

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