Teaching Statement

Teaching Statement

Teaching Statement – Broyer

Philosophy of Teaching

I believe all children offer exceptional insights, characteristics, and creativity to a classroom community. Not only is it a teacher’s moral responsibility to provide innovative, engaging learning experiences and commit to all students’ individual academic growth, but support physical and emotional development, encourage diversity respect, and inspire life-long learning. My teaching philosophy ensures every child feels loved, receives differentiated instruction, gains access to technology, and maintains self-expression expression within a safe learning environment.

Within the teaching profession, I feel it takes a real artist who encompasses passion, reflection, care, innovation, flexibility, and grit to maximize a student’s true learning potential. As I grow and reflect, I assure my development transfers to student-centered learning experiences by providing real-world applications extending outside the classroom. Thus, by implementing my five philosophical education beliefs, I guarantee every student has the opportunity for personal and academic excellence.

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  • Teacher-student relationships promote trust, understanding, and shape co-discovery, establishing equitable learning experiences.
  • The teacher acts as a direct model encouraging respect and compassion.
  • Students need access to technology, hands-on, and social collaboration activities to develop critical thinking skills.
  • The teacher differentiates instruction using authentic, fair, reliable assessment data.
  • The teacher provides a safe, positive atmosphere encouraging creativity and self-expression in the classroom and during remote learning.
  • Through my parenting, technological, communications, art, teaching, coaching, and mentoring experiences, teaching symbolizes a natural progression. Having the ability to incorporate a wide range of equitable learning experiences, I quickly develop connections and long-lasting relationships. My lifelong learning ambition and inspiration fosters my teaching journey. I am proud to take on the opportunity of students’ emotional and learning exceptionalities. I want my students to understand learning challenges, signify opportunities for reflection, progress, and leadership.

    My goal is for all my students is to provide them with the skills, opportunities, and strategies encouraging social-emotional development, cognitive growth, and real-world applications they can contribute back to the community. I want them to remember the little things, embrace the big picture, and challenge themselves. Why we produce, how we contribute, and what we realize in life demonstrates the act of learning. It is my fundamental goal as a teacher to provide all students with the tools to succeed and
    impact their lives.

    “Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual.” ~ A. P. J. Abdul Kalam