Top 5 Ways to Tackle Creative Block with a Twist! – Week 2

Posted by on Mar 13, 2017

Top 5 Ways to Tackle Creative Block with a Twist! – Week 2
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Top 5 Ways to Tackle Creative Block with a Twist!

Marie’s Guide to Brain Drain Mondays!

Follow this quick five-part series for a case of the Mental Monkey Monster Mondays! If you cannot get out today, try it sometime this week.

Time to Tackle the Mental Monkey Monday Monster!

Week 2 – Walk Away!

Getting back into the Monday morning swing presents enough challenges. Checking E-mails and playing catch-up from Friday, if you didn’t work over the weekend, makes for a mind sludge morning. Your creative juices may not be in the brain stream – yet. Not to mention, everyone is coming off Daylight Savings time. At your first break chance, just WALK AWAY! Monday brain overload exists, no matter what profession.

Previously, I worked with a man that would get up from his desk and pace in front of the massive window wall outlooking a courtyard. At first, I thought work stress got the best of him. Later, I asked about his pacing habits. He responded, “It helps my mind settle, process thoughts and think clearly.” Absolutely and not a doubt, he WAS RIGHT! Hence, I implemented the “WALK AWAY” concept into my daily life. At times, it represents a challenge, but is mentally worth it. Plus, you never know what you are going to find!

This Week’s Activity Twist!

For YOUR creative mental Monday well-being, this week take time to implement the “WALK AWAY” policy. At a scheduled time, just walk away from your desk, computer, work station or art table. Set a timer for 15 minutes on a mobile device or as a calendar notification. Go to the bathroom, walk to a window, go outside and breathe the fresh air, talk to someone for a moment and just WALK AWAY. Your brain will thank you for it and help tackle the MENTAL MONKEY MONDAY MONSTER!


In conclusion, if you want to get out and enjoy the world of notebooks, sketchbooks and maybe a nice pencil here are a few places I would look first! Check out:

Helping Hand Apps

  • HEADSPACE© – A 10-minute meditation app
  • Colorfly – Adult Coloring Book App: by Joycastle/li>


Technically, there is not a formal definition for “Creative Block” as a dictionary term. “Creative Block” derives from the term “Writer’s Block.” Although, anyone working in ANY industry consistently can blame lack of thought or idea on “Creative Block.”

*My personal definition: I am beating my head against a virtual wall and the golden egg of creativity is NOT falling out!

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