Top 5 Ways to Tackle Creative Block with a Twist! – Week 3

Posted by on Mar 20, 2017

Top 5 Ways to Tackle Creative Block with a Twist! – Week 3
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Top 5 Ways to Tackle Creative Block with a Twist!

Marie’s Guide to Brain Drain Mondays!

Follow this quick five-part series for a case of the Mental Monkey Monster Mondays! If you cannot get out today, try it sometime this week.

Time to Tackle the Mental Monkey Monday Monster!


Again, it is Monday…the weekends fly by so quickly! Want to make the Mental Monkey Monster go away? This week it is time to SHAKE IT OUT and add a little spring in your step! Listening and dancing to uplifting “get-psyched” music is proven to change the groggy mood monster. Whatever kind of music brings back happy memories, gets your toes a tapping and your vocals humming – do it!

Move out those Monday blues and kick-it-up with whatever floats your creativity and mental well-being. It gets you moving, creates energy and wakes you up. Over time, I created and collected many “SHAKE-IT-OUT” stories. Furthermore, I can’t ever listen to the song Brickhouse the same way again. Hearing it on the radio or in a playlist makes me giggle with delight. Creativity can arise in so many fashions, therefore, shake your tail feathers this week and don’t worry about what people think. Music is like laughter – it is utterly and creatively contagious.

This Week’s Activity Twist!

Exactly! Twist! Whether it is Monday or Friday, this week pump up the volume. Music makes any task a hundred times better. Create a Get-Psyched, Get-Happy, Get-Creative playlist. (I would say mix-tape, but then I would really be showing my age!) It doesn’t matter how you do it, try incorporating it into a daily routine.

Take at least 15 minutes a day and get-psyched. In the car, on the bus, on the train, in the office or wherever you can – SHAKE-IT-OUT! You WILL thank yourself and maybe your co-workers will too. Kick out those MENTAL MONKEY MONDAY MONSTERS and feel the musical creativity! Loosen-up, we have one life make the most of it!


Helping Hand Apps

If you don’t have a “Get-psyched” playlist, go through your own music and make one. If you don’t have a good repertoire of downloads these apps with help with that! No matter what app you use or are accustomed to, set-up something creatively special!

  • Spotify Music – Spotify Ltd.
  • Pandora – Pandora Media, Inc.
  • SoundCloud – SoundCloud Ltd.


Technically, there is not a formal definition for “Creative Block” as a dictionary term. “Creative Block” derives from the term “Writer’s Block.” Although, anyone working in ANY industry consistently can blame lack of thought or idea on “Creative Block.”

*My personal definition: I am beating my head against a virtual wall and the golden egg of creativity is NOT falling out!

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