Top 5 Ways to Tackle Creative Block with a Twist!

Posted by on Feb 27, 2017

Top 5 Ways to Tackle Creative Block with a Twist!
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Top 5 Ways to Tackle Creative Block with a Twist!

Marie’s Guide to Brain Drain Mondays!

Follow this quick five-part series for a case of the Mental Monkey Monster Mondays! If you cannot get out today, try it out sometime this week.


Technically, there is not a formal definition for “Creative Block” as a dictionary term. “Creative Block” derives from the term “Writer’s Block.” Although, anyone working in ANY industry consistently can blame lack of thought or idea on “Creative Block.”

*My personal definition: I am beating my head against a virtual wall and the golden egg of creativity is NOT falling out!

Time to Tackle the Mental Monkey Monday Monster!

Week 1 – ALWAYS Keep and Notebook or Sketchbook!

Also, don’t forget something to write with because this won’t help anyone. Well, unless you are really into origami – which could work too! Always try to keep a notebook, journal, sketchbook or anything to get ideas out. (If you are in a pinch, a phone voice recorder, phone notes and other electronic apps help!) I am a visual person, therefore; scribbling ideas on paper keeps the mental monkey monsters at bay.

This Week’s Activity Twist!

Go to a local discount store, bookstore or art store and pick out a notebook/sketchbook. In addition, look around and find one exploding with YOUR personality! The point is – GET ONE. Furthermore, wherever you decide to get that special something just may end up jump starting your creative genius in the process. One may never know when your inner creative wakes up. For example, I wrote ideas on a grocery store ad today! Today, I represent the hypocrite. Although, I possess a mountain of pens and pencils in my vehicle. So, thumbs up today!


In conclusion, if you want to get out and enjoy the world of notebooks, sketchbooks and maybe a nice pencil here are a few places I would look first! Check out:

Helping Hand Apps

Either use the voice app recorder on your phone or go to the app store and check out:

  • “Voice Recorder” by TapMedia Ltd
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