About the Artist

About the Artist

Professional Watercolor Artist

About the Artist

My name is Marie R. (Stonestreet) Broyer and I am a professional watercolor artist in Central Indiana specializing in natural elemental art, animals, nature, and portraits. In addition to painting and jewelry, I am a mother, Marketing Communications Manager, and volunteer in the local community. Continuously, I balance home life, work life, and artistic ventures. I always make time for art because it is my de-stressing tactic and keeps a life in a meditative balance.


Over 20 years ago, with a wisp of inspiration, I decided to try watercolors again. In high school, I made a sad attempt to paint a watercolor landscape and was not happy with the results. Originally from Southern Indiana, I always sketched and painted along the Ohio riverbanks. Back then, I seriously and continuously worked in oils. Unfortunately, I realized my allergic reactions were to the turpentine and “no odor” mineral spirits. In distress, and trying to find another avenue, I moved on to acrylics as my main medium.


One afternoon while looking through an art magazine at the bookstore, I saw one of the most compelling works of art. It was a watercolor and it was an amazing piece by Birgit O’Connor titled, “Canna with Water Drops.” Astonishingly, I love Georgia O’Keeffe’s works and had never seen a watercolor painting that resembled one of my favorite artists and offered rich oil colors. At that point, my hard hardheadedness began and I was going to try what I thought was my arch-nemesis – watercolor.

Having a very analytical mind and being creatively inspired, I embarked on a two-year venture trying personally learn everything about watercolor. I studied different paint manufacturers, chemical properties, bindings, and variations. I needed to know every detail about the paint and the “why” behind it. Furthermore, I studied watercolor brushes and the differences between synthetics and natural hair; along with, why certain papers cold press vs hot press acted differently. I research every detail when I am trying to achieve what I want.

Continuously Learn

Not everyone can hyper-focus as I will when I want to do something. BUT, what I learned from research, classes, and mentors will stay with me for the rest of my life. Today, I have a firm foundation and am always working with new techniques. Also, I am a firm believer if you do not experiment with media and try new methods, you can stagnate as an artist. An artist must constantly learn and refine.
An artist’s path is a lifelong adventure. The key to success is to throw away the “box,” make a decision and go all in.

In closing, I am very grateful to have a background in the marketing industry. While I continue my watercolor journey, I have the ability to market my artwork, in turn; forever leading my growth in the art community.

“You have to systematically create confusion, it sets creativity free. Everything that is contradictory creates life.” ~ Salvador Dali