Virtual Art Gallery

Virtual Art Gallery

The (Stonestreet) Broyer Virtual Art Gallery

Welcome to my virtual art gallery!

First of all in the virtual art gallery, here you will find a variety of subject matter covered in my body of work. In addition, a historical growth of my pieces as an artist. Furthermore, I am a constantly learning and seeking knowledge to better my craft.

As a result, I am always experimenting with new subject matter, supports and media to work and experiment with.
Previously, I worked solely on illustration board. While this was a phase, I moved on to a traditional style and painted on 140 # Cold Press Arches watercolor paper. Now, my current focus is watercolor on Yupo® paper. Hence, you can see my growth as a watercolor artist.

In conclusion, I feel that all artists grow and mature over time and really find their niche. Within each category you can see my personal growth as a watercolor artist throughout the virtual art gallery. Click on any of the links below or through the navigational bar to take you to the specified gallery.