Watercolor Abstracts

This body of abstract artwork started with a creative block that I couldn’t get out of. Abstracts are not my specialty because I need to have a vision, a passion and I am somewhat strict in the principles of my art training. This was a fun series to get my head out of the sand and think outside the box. Funny enough, I may go this route again because I received such great feedback and almost all of the pieces are gone through donations. Not what I was expecting!

Sometimes it takes that one little thing or personal angel to get an artist going again. I knew I had to do something completely different to get back on track! A friend of mine suggested I try something different, Abstracts. So unwillingly, but knowing I needed something – I hesitantly agreed.

I had to ask myself, “What do I love?” I love deep color, texture, flow, line and most of all watercolors. I had a small pad of Arches 140# Cold press paper, a set of Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus Fine Art Liquid Watercolor I never opened and plastic wrap. I saw artists using all different sorts of products for texture – I just used what I had in the kitchen.

I used a wet-on-dry technique and bled the deep color in the bottles dry. Once all the paint was down and still wet, I crunched up the plastic wrap in different positions, put a stack of books on it and let it dry. It took a few days for each piece, but when it was 70% dry I lifted the books and took off the plastic wrap. To my surprise, I loved it! With the rich concentrated colors, lines and the textures – I was amazed! The plastic lifted the extra puddled paint and left the contrast.

In the end, it was getting out of my funk and getting back to the raw basics. Who knew it took me in a different direction doing something I already love! It propelled me into different ideas; designs and I got my groove back. My son nudged me a little too! He is a great inspiration to paint with. Children have no “pre-conception” as to what art should or shouldn’t be.